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Rail Cutter

Designed to cut up to uic60 rail
Large bore two cylinders
Specially treated pin & t-bush design
Cylinder protection cover
360° hydraulic rotation
Replaceable cutting blades
Model Carrier Unit Oil Oil Cutting Hyd. Rotation Cycle time
Weight Weight Pressure Flow Force Pressure Flow Open Close
TRC25 ton kgs bar l/min ton bar l/min sec sec
18-30 2,350 320 230-320 310 120 20-30 2.5 2.3
The TRC Rail Cutter series is specially designed for the railway demolition and scrap preparation with the optimal work efficiency.
The TRC features a completely enclosed hydraulic cylinder, heavily constructed main pins and bearings, specially designed jaw apex and cutting blades for rail cutting, HARDOX jaws for resistance to the toughest material and environment.  

All cutters are offered standard with an oversized planetary gear driven 360 degree rotation.

  Features :
- Reduces labor costs with respect to torching and other cutting methods eliminating safety risks
- Minimizes wear and tear and damage to other equipment that is often used for this work, protects mobile excavators and cranes reducing wear and minimizing diesel consumption
- HARDOX steel
- Easily interchange cutting blades, bolts and shim stock
- Fully enclosed and protected hydraulic components