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Rail Cutter
국내 최초의 굴삭기 장착용 철도레일 컷터

360 유압 회전
자체제작 파워형실린더
특수처리 부싱
레일 컷팅용 특수 나이프 적용
레일컷팅을 위한 죠 구조 최적화 설계
Model Carrier Unit Oil Oil Cutting Hyd. Rotation Cycle time
Weight Weight Pressure Flow Force Pressure Flow Open Close
TRC25 ton kgs bar l/min ton bar l/min sec sec
18-30 2350 320 230-320 310 120 20-30 2.5 2.3
The Clamshell Bucket is a low-maintenance, high-capacity attachment designed for gravel, sand, etc. manufactured by World ES.

A heavy-duty guarding system that completely protects cylinders and internal components yet is easily removed for maintenance
Identical hardened steel bushings at all pivot points that protect against external debris
Large bore hydraulic cylinders for maximum clamping force
High-torque continuous 360-degree rotation
Abrasion-resistant steel tips that are easily replaced with a simple perimeter weld

Gravel Handling
Sand Handling
Bulk Material Handling