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World Equipment Solutions

Experts of demolition and recycling sector

With a 25 years experience, World ES is the company founded by experts of the recycling & demolition sector specialized in manufacturing industrial demolition & recycling equipment and tools. We develop and manufacture high quality attachments to make customer's daily demolition and recycling jobs a lot easier.

World ES is a manufacturer, which means that we are responsible for the development and production of our equipment ourselves. That is the only way to guarantee the well-known efficiency, quality and productivity of our equipment.

Our Key Objectives

The Quality

World ES has paid an attention to high standard quality during the designing and manufacturing of all products. Our highly qualified staff with long term experience provides accurate and reliable service and solutions to the customers.

A Lifetime of Savings

Extreme wear resistance is also a strategic business factor.
When you extend the service life of your equipment two, five or even ten or more times, you can watch your productivity and your savings grow.